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Washington Virtual Academies (WAVA) knows success is not a single destination, and the journey can take many turns. But no matter the path, we believe in unlocking every learner’s potential by meeting them where they are and helping them reach their goals.

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As students move through middle school and into high school, their work becomes increasingly independent. High school courses are designed for students targeting a four-year university, a local community college, or an immediate career.

In high school courses, students:

  • Learn grade-level content
  • Complete coursework that might require writing or research projects
  • Tackle problems that require analytical thinking

Preparing High School Students for College and Career

Your student can gain a competitive edge for the future—whether that includes college, a career, or both.  WAVA students can explore career options and participate in specialized, career-related experiences. Students can choose from a broad range of courses in these career fields: 

Students can also prepare to take industry-recognized certification exams upon graduation.**

Choice of Standard or FLEX Program

Get a Head Start on College Credit

Does your high school student want a head start on a college education? At Washington Virtual Academies, eligible students in grades 11 and 12 may take courses tuition-free (up to 15 credits) through the Running Start program offered at local community colleges.

Participating students must have at least a 2.0 GPA, pass the COMPASS or ACCUPLACER test, and be recommended by a school Graduation Specialist. WAVA grants 0.5 credits per semester per class. Students pay for courses beyond 15 credits and pay for all books, materials, and fees unless they have a fee waiver. Students may be eligible for a fee waiver if they are eligible for free and reduced lunch.

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Concurrent Enrollment

Washington Virtual Academies also offer a tuition-free concurrent enrollment program called Tech Prep for eligible students in grades 11 and 12. This program allows students to take a college-level technology or business course through WAVA where they will receive high school and college credit.

Students must be enrolled in high schools (including alternative schools) and be enrolled and passing the WAVA HS class with a “B” or better. Tech Prep courses award credit as outlined by the CTE department. There are multiple Skill Centers located throughout the state. Students must apply directly to their local Skill Center and meet their entrance criteria.

Proven Pathways to a Chosen Career

At Washington Virtual Academies, your college or career-minded student can choose from a broad range of profession-focused courses for a competitive edge for the future, to discover their path after high school, or to explore a possible college major. These courses can provide a powerful introduction to fulfilling careers in information technology, government and public administration, marketing, finance, arts and communication, and many more.

*The K12 high school catalog is a complete list of the high school courses K12 provides. While WAVA offers a comprehensive selection of courses, not every K12 high school course is available to WAVA students. Information on specific courses of study and available electives are provided upon enrollment. For details, please speak to an enrollment consultant during the enrollment process.
**Many Microsoft®️ Office certificates can be earned after completing one course. Other certificates require more classes to be better prepared, and students who participate in the program for at least two years will have further preparation for certification testing.