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What WAVA Parents Say

“We are extremely pleased with our WAVA experience. This has been our first year, and we couldn’t be happier. It has allowed us to give our daughter exactly what we wanted—a customized teaching program that allows her to reach her full potential. We don’t feel trapped into wasting precious time on things she already knows well, while at the same time we don’t feel rushed on areas where she needs a little extra help on grasping the concept.”

“Having a schedule that has flexibility in it has allowed us to reach her when she is most alert, which increases her comprehension. We have done our language in the evenings when things are winding down, which has always been a reading time in our home, so it melds well with our life and doesn’t feel like work.”

“I have told everyone who has asked what a wonderful program I believe WAVA to be. Wouldn’t it be great if every young person could receive such individualized attention throughout their developing years? WOW! What would this world be like?”

“We are new to WAVA this year, and I can’t say enough good things about it. Our daughter is flourishing before our eyes. She used to come home from public school sad and depressed because someone had said something (not very nice). Now, she gets up and can’t wait to do some school work either inside at home or at the park or even outside in her own backyard. Her whole outlook is much better. WAY TO GO, WAVA!!!!!!”

“My daughter’s brain seems to have undergone somewhat of a mental explosion. She is expressing more thoughts and asking more questions. She seems more dynamic, more mentally challenged, more confident and focused.”

“The K12 program has had a marked positive impact on our life. It has impacted us in a number of ways, some of which we had expected and others that have surprised us. Our home feels happier and healthier. It has brought a better balance into our lives, and the children are enjoying all the wonderful curriculum that K12 has put together. Thank you, K12!”

“I have only positive things to say about my WAVA experience. I could not ask for a better program for my child. It is extensive and gives me so many options in the curriculum. It is obvious only the most dedicated people could conceive this idea. I look forward to another year with my son and am waiting impatiently for my daughter’s enrollment next year.”

“The best part of being a WAVA parent/teacher was Joy Hakim’s history books, and excellent workbook with fantastic lessons for the kids to learn and implement. The kids and I enjoyed the insights and diversity of American history greatly. Children/adults need to be frequently reminded and inspired that creating good and peace in the world takes the effort of all people, at all times!!! Super job, WAVA.”

“We have greatly appreciated our WAVA instructor. She has provided a wealth of information and supplemental ideas. She really has been the icing on the cake that has made this experience so sweet.”

“We have really enjoyed the WAVA program, and it has kept us focused and structured enough to maximize learning every day. The structure also allowed us to skip ahead to assessments when it was appropriate and avoid wasting time working on objectives the student already has met. This feature also kept my daughter interested in the lessons. We also added quite a bit from our own resources in history and language that complemented this program. Because of this program, my daughter has been able to consistently work above grade level, and I was assured that she was meeting state objectives and will be able to do well on any future achievement tests she may need for graduation and college entrance.”

“We needed a program that gave a good structure with the convenience of being home. My daughter is very smart and just needed to have more one-on-one time. I think we have both learned so much.”

“I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to school my beautiful daughter at home. Ever since my second daughter was born, my first daughter has felt misplaced. We had lost the close bond we had shared since her birth, and she seemed lost. The time we spent this year together in kindergarten has brought her back to me. We are now closer than ever, and she knows again how much I love her. In the course of this year, she has learned so much but most importantly, how to read! I am so grateful for this program and for its structure and organization, which allows me to be at home with my children but not having to reinvent the wheel. I am also grateful for the many different approaches offered so that I may customize the program for what works best for her learning style. I look forward to first grade!”