How To Enroll

Enrollment Support FAQs

My student is new to WAVA and just enrolled. Why is my student on the wait-list?

We received and processed your Choice Transfer Request after the grade your student intended to enroll in was full, or we received your Choice Transfer Request after August 14th.

I am on the wait-list, what does that mean?

It means that your student is on the wait-list for a spot at WAVA. It also means that your Choice Transfer Request is in a pending status. This allows you to still enroll your student in their home school district as you wait for a spot at WAVA to open. If you are on the wait list, please contact your home district to let them know if you plan to re-enroll, homeschool, or transfer to a private school, while you wait for a spot at WAVA to open.

When can people on the Wait-list transfer to WAVA?

When spots are available, we will notify you ASAP. Your student can transfer during one of our transfer windows. Our transfer windows are as follows: 

  • Sep 14–21
  • Nov 16–23
  • Jan 19-26
  • Mar 2–8

Can I still apply and enroll?

We are still accepting transfers and enrollments for grades K–7. Though, if there is a wait-list for that grade, the student will be placed on the wait-list once their Choice Transfer Request is received by WAVA.

My student was withdrawn/wait-listed even though all my documents, including the Choice Transfer Request, was submitted before Aug 19.