How It Works

Myths About Online Schools

MYTH: Students who attend online schools lack socialization and social skills.

FACT: Students at Washington Virtual Academies (WAVA) will have the opportunity to participate in many academic and social outings. These outings may include trips to museums, skate parks, zoos, parks, and other community destinations. We also encourage students to participate in clubs.

MYTH: You’ll spend all day staring at a computer.

FACT: While attendance, planning, and assessment are all recorded online, students are involved in activities offline as well, including using textbooks, art supplies, science materials, etc. As students move through the curriculum each year, more of their instruction is delivered online. By high school, students work mostly online in conjunction with their teacher and class.

MYTH: Attending Washington Virtual Academies is a part-time job.

FACT: Students will need to spend about six hours on schoolwork each day, depending on grade level and full-/part-time status. Students who enroll in WAVA have the option of enrolling full-time (six courses) or part-time (fewer than six courses).

MYTH: Online schools don’t meet the curriculum requirements for public schools.

FACT: Washington Virtual Academies is a district Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) Program of Omak School District. Even though they are not in a traditional classroom, your children will spend time each day doing schoolwork to meet the same expectations required of all Washington public school students. Full-time students take the same grade-appropriate state assessments as traditional public school students, including the EOC’s, HSP, and MSP. Testing centers are located throughout the state during testing windows to make sure all students are able to participate in these important tests. Part-time WAVA families can contact our office to set up appropriate testing arrangement, depending on a student’s level of enrollment.